Thanks to a story, which will accompany you through the whole game, you are going to impersonate a group of tenants, which found themselves in atomic shelter built by communists for shelter in case of atomic war. In one hour, you will experience things, which you only saw on TV, or was just your nightmare. Now, you are also a part of a historical day. The year is 1968, it´s cold august night and borders of Czechoslovakia was breached by army of Soviet Union together with armies of German democratic republic and People's Republic of Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. In early morning, the whole city is waking up at the sound of sirens, bombardment and loud gunshots, soviet aircraft is echoing through the walls as they fly over the city, tanks are demolishing everything, that came into their way. You are also waking up with fear in your eyes. You have only one thought: get yourself to safety. And that's where our story starts, you are hiding from soviet army in civil atomic shelter, which was paradoxically built by soviets. You are no longer concern about yourself, because you are in safety. You are thinking about your family and friends and wondering if they were also as lucky as you. But this will change soon and you are going to have to keep calm head, use your logical thinking, cooperate with other tenants and be concerned about your own live. Are you interested on which conditions will you had to escape the shelter and which surprises you are going to stumble on during the game? Come to our shelter and play

Co dále můžete od naší Escape game čekat? Na rozdíl od ostatních her v ČR se ocitnete v reálném prostoru, tedy v civilním protiatomovém krytu. Můžete se těšit na mnoho technických věcí, které byly sestrojeny profesionálem, autentické rekvizity, skvělé zvukové efekty a hlavně přátelské prostředí. Vstup však doporučujeme pro starší patnácti let.

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We offer money return, if you are not interested in our room after playing it for 10 minutes!
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We offer gift vouchers for 200, 500, 800, 1000 a 1200 CZK.

Orders are accepted via e-mail or telephone.

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Game can be booked by telephone or using form below. After filling up the form, you will be contacted.

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Any suggestions to our game? We will be happy to hear from you. Kind words as well as critic or new ideas are welcome.

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Těším se, a přeju hodně hráčů :)
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